DISPERSIÓN BOTÁNICA / Concert / 25' / ArtsSònica-CASM / 22.12.2013

A concert by the band Oso Leone is dispersed throughout the building, changing the position of the sound sources and proposing a new way of listening through the tour. The action is about the modification of the conventional positions of the musics on the stage. There is not a correct place to listen the band at all, you decide your position of listening.

Dispersión Botánica from laura llaneli on Vimeo.

Video made by Adrià Llonch

DISPERSION¿? / 3 Concerts / RIJEKA / 20-21-22.03.2015

Dispersion ¿? is a project did it during a 2 months residency in Rijeka, Croatia (Febryury-March 2015). It is the extension of a project did in Barcelona in 2013 with the band Oso Leone called Dispersión Botánica. In Rijeka I did a research about the possibilities that buildings offers for local bands in terms of space if they are dislocated in different places of these buildings.

OVERDISPERSION / Zoran Majstorovic / MMSU
SMOKEDISPERSION / WUNÁ / Natural History Museum

Dispersion ¿_______? from laura llaneli on Vimeo.

Here the album to listen the hole tracks: