Continuing the Pattern into Music / Installation / XL Art Space, Helsinki/ 2014

Morton Feldman’s score is resized to match the pattern of the gallery floor. Why Patterns? are a serie of pieces written in 1979 by the american minimalist composer Morton Feldman, inspired by an extraneous idea, outside of the music itself.
“... The reason my music is notated is I wanted to keep control of the silence ... when you hear it, you have no idea rhythmically how complicated that is on paper. It’s floating. On paper it looks as though it’s rhythm. It’s not. It’s duration.”
This specific score resized is the first page of the one below, Ex.8 Piano, that is focused on the duration. If we look at this, for instance, we see how a ‘notated’ bar alternates with an ‘empty’ one regularly: this creates a visual pattern of full and empty bars, which in a way is detached from the acoustic reality of the music - if anything because in performance the ‘empty’ bars would contain sound from the piano’s resonances.