RELATIONSHIP OF COMMAND / Solo Show / ADN Platform / Curated by Jordi Vernis / 2017 /

Brixton 1981; Toxteth 1981, Boardwater Farm 1985: racialized police controls, known as stop and search, cause a series of riots during the 80s in England that will have wild consequences. However, those mutinies happen consecutively and in almost an identical manner, seeming spontaneously programmed. Their origin and way of happening are subjected to protocols.
During the same years, post-punk (formerly New Wave or Cold Wave) does something similar: it adopts a martial, disciplined rhythm. The faded sound and the dry blow, close to a beat, automate both timbre and rhythm. Bands starting the trend and their revival take the drummer in as a drum machine.
Relationship of Command takes this coincidence and expands it. Laura Llaneli’s work appeals to rules as a common root of music performance and instructional procedures. It also appeals to those cases in which artistic and social systems reduce unpredictability to the maximum; from disturbances to concerts, from the streets to the stage.
Ultimately, Laura deepens in previously researched subjects: the link between pattern and gesture and the alteration of rhythm and its consequences. She poses several questions: How do we channel aggressiveness through protocols and repetitions? What role measuring and lack of expression plays here? Can we talk about “stage politics”?
Curated by Jordi Vernis.

Pictures by Roberto Ruiz