The other day, I went to buy a record-player. I wanted to do for a long time. I went home and I began listening Rimsky Korsakov, a vinyl that I bought in a store down my home. I share the listening in my room with a good friend, who where with me when I bought the machine, we ate something while we listened the whole disc. I realized that I didn't use to do that, listen a hole disc doing only this, listening. So, I decided to invite people to my room to listen music.

This is a project (if I can call it project) about to invite people to my room to listen vinyl albums that are important for them. There is a close group of people, friends, most time from art and music scene in Barcelona that come to my home to spend a couple of hours.

In each session I have a guest, a person who I asked to bring the album, who decide a vinyl that important for him/her for any reason. I propose the guest to distribute the season in three parts:First he/she explain why they bring this album and why they want to share it with us, then we listen the hole album, and finally we talk about that. (but they can do what they want with this structure).

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